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Capture their interest

Release control to explore

Engage through inquiry

Act on student responses

Targeted feedback through assessment

Empower critical thinkers through redesign

Tackle the problem

Hunt for information

Interpret & synthesize other's views

Navigate new ideas

Keep refining & sharing

This framework for STEM instruction is built on evidence-based practices.

If teachers CREATE optimal inquiry-based learning opportunities, then students will learn to THINK critically!

Create 2 Think Logo


Created by Indiana teachers, for Indiana teachers.

  • All units integrate a grade-level science standard, math priority standard, and ELA priority standard.
  • Includes all vocabulary and “I Can” statements directly from IDOE Science Framework for each science standard.
  • Units are strongly aligned to the STEM Certification Rubric including built-in Career Connections paired with Visible Thinking Routines.
  • No expensive equipment required. Units include only free resources available to teachers or consumable materials that can be tailored for the individual teacher’s needs.
  • Units are organized by phases that allow teachers to tailor their projects to best meet the time constraints of their individual schools.
  • There are grade-level appropriate formative assessments included in each phase of a unit and a summative assessment rubric designed to provide clear and useful feedback to students.