This framework for STEM instruction is built on evidence-based practices.

If teachers CREATE optimal inquiry-based learning opportunities, then students will learn to THINK critically!

The CREATE2THINK instructional framework offers teachers a clearly defined structure for integrating more authentic and engaging Inquiry & Project-based learning opportunities within their classrooms. Our wide range of STEM units create strong collaboration as the role of teacher and students are defined within each phase of the framework allowing for enhanced learning across the curriculum.


CREATE2THINK  is focused on ensuring alignment between the instructional choices being made and the meaningful & rigorous tasks found in each unit of study, in order to ensure ambitious student outcomes that embrace higher-order thinking and metacognition.  Each unit plan is rich with downloadable content, assessment resources, and slide decks to allow teachers flexibility in their instruction while creating consistency among multiple facilitators.


The curricular resources at the core of CREATE2THINK enhance the fidelity of the instructional framework’s implementation. Each piece has been developed specifically with the needs of teachers at its core. All grade-level units are anchored in the Indiana Academic Science and Engineering Standards and align with grade-level Math and ELA Priority standards and the Indiana Employability Skills.